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A more powerful plunger with an exclusive split torque design gearbox, redesigned driveline, extended-length bale chamber with larger tension cylinders, heavy-duty chassis, and ultra heavy-duty knotters allow the baler to achieve 20% greater bale density than the 2270 XD baler.
Not only was a practical knotter not available, but suitable twine was scarce and expensive, making wire the banding material of choice.
APPLICATION BEFORE AFTER WATER SAVINGS GALLONS PER YEAR GALLONS PER YEAR IN GALLONS Brown Stock Agitator 1,048,320 131,040 917,280 Stock to Knotter Pump 1,048,320 262,080 786,240 Black Liquor to Cold 524,160 131,04 393,120 Blow Pump Thick Stock Pump 524,160 262,080 262,080 High-Pressure Feeder 8,910,720 2,096,640 6,814,080 Pump Bleach Stock Transfer 2,096,640 262,080 1,834,560 Pump THIS TABLE SHOWS 6 OF THE 28 APPLICATIONS IDENTIFIED AT THE MILL FOR THE WATER REDUCTION INITIATIVE, AND ILLUSTRATES THE RESULTS ACHIEVED AFTER GARLOCK ENGINEERED SEALING SOLUTIONS WERE INSTALLED.
Diane Knotter of Cave Junction and Elaine McCartney, of Lorain, Ohio; 10 grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren.
Anthony Knotter,19, student, Blyth: I think he was wrong to go to war with Iraq but he doesn't deserve it.
350 Knotter Drive Cheshire, CT 06410 Tel: 800-344-9168 Fax: 203-271-4060 E-mail: sales@archbiocides.
While the hoop became a sensation, Bearchell said a follow-up toy called Nutty Knotter by the same manufacturer was a flop.
Tie selection is variable and the machine uses standard 6T rayon twine; a quick-change knotter unit is an aid to easy maintenance and helps minimize machine downtime.
The Appleby Knotter was adapted for use on the Marsh harvester in 1875.
His memories enter and exit by clockfaces, as does a model steamtrain that occasionally presents a distraction from the weird collection of simulated humans (Aida Strongman, Anatole France, Arthur Fuch, Linda Body and the compulsively ejaculating photographer Knotter Benny).
Finally, in the late 1800s, William Deering invented a binder that used twine and a knotter, simplifying the entire process.