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Tie selection is variable and the machine uses standard 6T rayon twine; a quick-change knotter unit is an aid to easy maintenance and helps minimize machine downtime.
His memories enter and exit by clockfaces, as does a model steamtrain that occasionally presents a distraction from the weird collection of simulated humans (Aida Strongman, Anatole France, Arthur Fuch, Linda Body and the compulsively ejaculating photographer Knotter Benny).
A new slim-design double knotter system was created for the HDP Il and is equipped with eight double knotters to provide additional holding strength for the increased bale density.
The annual meeting will be held at the offices of the Company at 500 Knotter Drive, Cheshire, CT 06410.
Ordinary minds do not think of being the only man alive able to eat a tomato through a tennis racquet or the name of Professor Yaffle Chuckabutty (sometimes Rufus Chuckabutty), operatic tenor and sausage knotter.
For example, the imaginary medic Dr Chuckabutty went on to become Rufus Chuckabutty of Knotty Ash University, while Ken, in his early days, billed himself as Professor Yaffle Chuckabutty, Operatic Tenor and Sausage Knotter.
ADAPTATION CERT 15 117 MINS I f you thought Being John Malkovich, the previous collaboration between director Spike Jonze and writer Charlie Kaufman, was a mind knotter then this will not only fry your cerebral cortex but serve it up with salad.
The single tie knotter on the QUADRANT 3300RC baler is designed to take tension off the twine as it ties the knot to avoid twine fractures and to produce perfect, high-strength knots without twine residue.