know again

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I am long past the age when I could wish to form myself upon another writer, and I do not think I could now insensibly take on the likeness of another; but his work has been a revelation and a delight to me, such as I am sure I can never know again.
Putting my faith in old saws, as a young man will, I had never dreamed to know again a bliss so divinely passionate and pure as came to me with every glance of Nicolete's sweet eyes, with every simple pressure of her hand; and the joy that was mine when sometimes, stopping on our way, we would press together our lips ever so gravely and tenderly, seems too holy even to speak of.
Was he to be told that, he wished to know again, by his own son on his own hearth, to his own face?
Kathy said: "I know again it might sound like a crazy thing to do but I had been training for the race for so long and looking forward to it for so long that I didn't want to let this unplanned and inconvenient cancer stop me.
Come on Marske residents, let the council know again and again and again what you think of their outrageous decisions and hopefully they will eventually get the message.
I think it let people know again what we're really capable of achieving.
The AD armounces, "We're off the book," and then lets everyone know again when they are back to the predetermined script.
I said to myself 'normal times' and realised that I may never know again what those times were really like.
I played against him in the Champions League and he is very good so I know again that he is a big player.
With the success of (2012 album) Giants and the momentum that has been building up the last six or seven years since we've been a four-piece again, everyone seems to want to know again.
So Banks is partnered with someone who's trying to end another police officer's career, which isn't the best introduction to someone, but you know again in these times the police have to be so procedurally correct that it can get in the way and the red tape of that can stop justice being done, as can the media.