know again

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As I hummed this nonsense, a trout at least three pounds in weight, whom you would know again anywhere, leapt a yard out of the water, and I took it, in my absurd, sun-soaked heart, as a good omen, as though he had said, "Follow and see."
I am long past the age when I could wish to form myself upon another writer, and I do not think I could now insensibly take on the likeness of another; but his work has been a revelation and a delight to me, such as I am sure I can never know again. I do not believe that in the whole course of my reading, and not even in the early moment of my literary enthusiasms, I have known such utter satisfaction in any writer, and this supreme joy has come to me at a time of life when new friendships, not to say new passions, are rare and reluctant.
And so, having satisfied ourselves, we depart to-morrow, and leave the venerable Queen of the Republics to summon her vanished ships, and marshal her shadowy armies, and know again in dreams the pride of her old renown.
Surely for the gaze which had found her, and which she would know again. Life would be no better than candle-light tinsel and daylight rubbish if our spirits were not touched by what has been, to issues of longing and constancy.
Was he to be told that, he wished to know again, by his own son on his own hearth, to his own face?
'But you know again, this is between him and his conscience.
Which, as we know again, is more Fox News than fact, though of course not entirely untrue either.
It was Shaun's stint on I'm A Celebrity, that Rowetta realised that he was a different person and someone that she would like to get to know again.
Summer meant I did not have to know again by heart the multiplication table, since our Arithmetic teacher demanded quick answers to every white card that she flashed.
"They deserve it...I hope after today, the day they call 'Nakba', which according to the Gregorian calendar falls out on our Independence Day and it's also beginning of Ramadan which is the month of Jihad, the IDF will know again how to stop them, and not allow them to actualize their insane designs.
"We know again the first hour, first session tomorrow is going to be really key to try and set the game up for us."
"We beat Man City two months ago but we knew before the game it is possible, if unbelievably difficult to do it, so now we know again it is possible and difficult to do it again," he said.