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"The key is trying to know different personalities and sometimes the key is keeping away from them," said the Corkman at the time.
"I enjoyed getting to know different people, guys like Alex Lozowski and Piers Francis.
Keane said: "The key is trying to know different personalities - and sometimes keeping away from them.
Because there's a time when different groups are targeted for you know different things, you know what I'm saying?"
Ibrahim Al-Naimi said that the goal of the event was to encourage the exchange of ideas and getting to know different cultures, which is at the core of the centre's mission.
The game involved guessing how many children would know different facts about animals.
Without checking the world clock, they know different time zones for Facetiming and WhatsApping their friends.
After embarking on various activities and getting to know different local organisations, teams came together at the Coventry Students Union to pitch for funding to a panel of professionals.
On Tuesday there will be a tea presentation and tasting, during which you will get the chance to get to know different types of teas and find the one that works and relaxes you.
Learn how you can start with your app project, and get to know different facets of the platform.
"This enriched my profession because, even though I have always had an international view and interest on the global theme and making business with different countries, there I put it into practice, I got to know different cultures and different ways of making business."
First time I was hooked up to chemo, my grandaughter flew out of the room, came back red-eyed with a smile as big as a house and said "sorry nan, I needed the loo." Of course, nans know different. Not content with that, they then took me five days a week for the next month for radiotherapy; they call me their star, but they are my stars.