know of

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What do good women like you know of miserable sinners like me?
The servant said I could do so, if you came that way, but that you let yourself in sometimes with your own key by the back-garden gate; and if you did this, she would take care to let you know of my visit.
What you know of the story of my marriage, he soon knew, just as well.
2000-15, the requesting spouse's actual knowledge or reason to know of the item giving rise to a deficiency or that a reported liability would not be paid, weighed heavily against granting relief.
Even now, all I know of family was what I saw in those photographs: twig of crepe myrtle stuck in a baby's wicker basinette, pinky ring on a young soldier, the pomade and stocking cap waves in an uncle's hair, if he was an uncle at all.
As Congress probes the security issues raised by the Black Tuesday attack, the investigation must be framed by a question similar to that dealt with in the "American Taliban" trial: What did our federal security and intelligence agencies know of the impending attack, and when did they know it?
The court rejected her primary argument, concluding she, in fact, did know of the omission (as she had signed the 1995 letter).
I don't know of an way to develop this sense except by developing a habit of regular quiet prayer.
In this particular case, I just don't know of any nice geometric interpretation of what's going on," Odlyzko says.
In the deposition Bantle testified that he didn't know of a statement by the National Cancer Advisory Board in February 1985 that "there is sufficient evidence for a cause-and-effect relationship between smokeless-tobacco use and human cancer.