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What do good women like you know of miserable sinners like me?
The servant said I could do so, if you came that way, but that you let yourself in sometimes with your own key by the back-garden gate; and if you did this, she would take care to let you know of my visit.
One of my frequent thoughts is this:-- Old as these cities are, their age itself is hardly so curious, to my reflections, as that they should have been in their places all through those days when I did not even know of the existence of more than two or three of them, and when I scarcely knew of anything outside our old walls.
Doubtless, and we are not now inquiring into his creed, but his actions; in the name of the prefect of police, I ask you what you know of him.
No, no; hold, sir," says he; "though I would have her be baptized, by all means, for I must observe that Will Atkins, her husband, has indeed brought her, in a wonderful manner, to be willing to embrace a religious life, and has given her just ideas of the being of a God; of His power, justice, and mercy: yet I desire to know of him if he has said anything to her of Jesus Christ, and of the salvation of sinners; of the nature of faith in Him, and redemption by Him; of the Holy Spirit, the resurrection, the last judgment, and the future state.
First, he would be considered to have reason to know of M's income because he knew of the source or activity generating it (in fact, he helped M account for the income in prior years).
We don't know of others, but it's possible they are out there,'' said Seth Riley, a wildlife ecologist with the National Park Service.
Even now, all I know of family was what I saw in those photographs: twig of crepe myrtle stuck in a baby's wicker basinette, pinky ring on a young soldier, the pomade and stocking cap waves in an uncle's hair, if he was an uncle at all.
As Congress probes the security issues raised by the Black Tuesday attack, the investigation must be framed by a question similar to that dealt with in the "American Taliban" trial: What did our federal security and intelligence agencies know of the impending attack, and when did they know it?
The court rejected her primary argument, concluding she, in fact, did know of the omission (as she had signed the 1995 letter).
I don't know of an way to develop this sense except by developing a habit of regular quiet prayer.
In this particular case, I just don't know of any nice geometric interpretation of what's going on," Odlyzko says.