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If you know otherwise, then you can tell me," Akhilesh told reporters here.
Many people who thought that UAE's natural environment was merely desert have reasons to know otherwise thanks to the campaign.
We, of course, know otherwise because the public is hugely grateful for the sacrifices they have made so that a resurgent Taliban does not regain control of Afghanistan and once more allow it to export terrorism to the West.
Don't believe any of them unless you know otherwise for sure.
Anyone who thinks the BNP are not racist just needs to meet an average member to know otherwise.
I personally know otherwise liberal Christians who contend that homosexuality is a sin and think marriage should remain between a man and a woman).
There was a point in the past year when we thought the luxury market was somehow not affected by what was happening in the economic realm--we now know otherwise.
Dorn says he thinks it's important to communicate regularly with employees, and a questionnaire helps him learn things he wouldn't know otherwise.
If not, I think someone should let them know otherwise the chap whose job it is to count the yachts back in is going to have a very easy time of it.
The country is embarrassed" to know otherwise, Glasser said.
Any Liverpool fan reading the book who doesn't know otherwise will be angered if they believe the skipper conducted these interviews.
However, since he must know otherwise (assuming he read the introduction), he has simply helped the reader notice that it is his own approach that he has described.