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One of the first - probably in Huddersfield and possibly in the UK, though we stand to be corrected if readers know otherwise - was Longley Hall School's sixth form's journey to Switzerland in 1954.
I personally know otherwise liberal Christians who contend that homosexuality is a sin and think marriage should remain between a man and a woman).
Anyone who thinks the BNP are not racist just needs to meet an average member to know otherwise.
There was a point in the past year when we thought the luxury market was somehow not affected by what was happening in the economic realm--we now know otherwise.
However, Gary Patchett, a spokesman for the Papal Bull Syndicate, revealed that Stoute had booked Peslier, while Simon Christian, who represents Ask's owner, Patrick Fahey, said: "Ask is a runner until we know otherwise.
Any Liverpool fan reading the book who doesn't know otherwise will be angered if they believe the skipper conducted these interviews.
Be tolerant until you know otherwise - until you catch it in the act.
I've just got to get on and deal with what I've got here until I know otherwise.
They may feel it's okay to say they are at camp -- let them know otherwise.
Except for a protest here and there from a pro-lifer, ecclesiastical authorities in Canada have held their tongues, while Catholic laity, apparently, are too poorly educated in the Faith to know otherwise.
If you did not know otherwise, you might think that Bresson's profession was medicine, not cinema.
Slater and his fellow critics think they know otherwise.