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They all know the ropes Each of the 12 runners is a course-anddistance winner, with all bar three having landed a qualifier this winter.
Like a stamp collector acquiring his third stamp, he didn't know the ropes yet.
Today's feature shows that many apprentices go on to become hugely successful - perhaps because they have got to know the ropes in a business from the bottom right to the top.
You may stumble a few times as you get to know the ropes.
Schools have developed methods of relieving students' worries about such transitions, such as pairing incoming students with older ones who know the ropes and arranging visits to the school building before classes begin, but the stresses can't be eliminated.
Yean, Brooks Brothers overcoat, know the ropes Smooth is holdin' those briefcases, silk ties Slick as them older folks"
There's Lola, a spunky girl who seems to know the ropes locally There's the scholar Hermanjilio, who doesn't believe in the Mayan superstitions until he is caught in their realities.
She said: "It really is hard work, but I've done it for 20 years so I know the ropes.
Danielle, 20, made only one proposal after the company merge: that she would get to know the ropes with Geoff's Newtownabbey-based stripogram troupe.
Hopefully we can begin to start up something by this summer and maybe eventually have it into full swing after a year or two, once we know the ropes.
At Dole's invitation, the local leaders had the chance to network with federal and state officials, who know the ropes when it comes to securing financing for a business startup or a water-treatment plant.