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With the know-how it has acquired through many years of global news reporting, I hope the influence AVING News brings to people grows bigger in the future.
Addressing the Oil Industry's Research and Technology Festival, Bayat said that the technical know-how achievements were related to different petrochemical areas including processing, catalysts, petrochemical materials and new technologies.
Youn Joong-geun, executive vice president of HHI s Engine & Machinery Division, commented Our next-generation CLEAN HiMSEN engine is the culmination of our 40 years of technological know-hows and experiences.
Based on experience and know-hows gained from 20 years of steel structure business, CS Wind Corporation is making a quantum leap since it began wind tower business in 2003.
Over the past two years, Royole Corporation has already accumulated hundreds of intellectual property rights including know-hows in technologies covering virtually all the aspects of display manufacturing such as materials, processing, devices, circuits, electronic system design, etc.
With the Vietnamese manufacturing capabilities gaining momentum this year, MTA VIETNAM is set to play an even more important role in bringing international technology know-hows to Vietnam.
With the use of QBL (Question Based Learning), BISCUE App constantly motivates its users and allows them to learn the practical know-hows of business in combination with descriptive narrations.
He also announced readiness to share Iran`s know-hows in various economic, agricultural and commercial fields with Sudan.
By integrating the know-hows built up in each company into one, we will further enhance our service quality, operational efficiency, capability in managing in-force policies, and financial strength.
Based on its 3D stereoscopic technological know-hows and a close partnership with the Canadian animation studio ToonBox Entertainment, Redrover has produced various animated features and television series over the last six years; including the world's first 3D stereoscopic TV series "Bolts & Blip" followed by the musical interstitial, "The Beet Party".
Ecobuild SEA seminars focuses on technical discussions and innovative know-hows with personalized presentations from industry experts such as Include Energy Commission, Chartered Institute of Building(CIOB), Malaysian Industry C Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) and others.
A special section for investors interested in investing in the chemical industry in China looks at the incentives that make it easy to invest in the industry, the various free trade zones that the government has set up, and many other know-hows that will help investors make a decision.