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Taking advantage from competitive privileges, boosting self-sufficiency and coping with sanctions were the main targets of attaining technical know-how in petrochemical sector and today we are sure that survival of each industry depends on implementation of research projects and performing its results, NPC's top executive added.
Workplace Know-Hows no longer can be viewed simply as skills that can be acquired and "picked up" along the way, in school or at work.
Although organizations should strongly consider Cyber-Insurance, they should also be well-versed with the fundamental know-hows before they purchase a policy.
Youn Joong-geun, executive vice president of HHI s Engine & Machinery Division, commented Our next-generation CLEAN HiMSEN engine is the culmination of our 40 years of technological know-hows and experiences.
The central bank's new framework also called for specific standards on financial education and awareness as banks have active roles in promoting financial know-hows.
A special section for investors interested in investing in the chemical industry in China looks at the incentives that make it easy to invest in the industry, the various free trade zones that the government has set up, and many other know-hows that will help investors make a decision.
This triggered my passion to further spread technical know-hows on AI and VC to better businesses in Australia.
Chen was dedicated to reduce costs of Metorex through sophisticated management and technical know-hows and creative reform, which reduced the operating expenses and capital expenditure by US$58 million.
The 10,000 start-ups programme has introduced start-up warehouses across a number of states to make a micro-ecosystem where many start-ups and entrepreneurs can work together and share their know-hows with each other.
It is imperative that government pave the way towards the inculcation of awareness on entrepreneurial concepts and practices and subsequently arming the students with fundamental know-hows," the solon said.
Attarzadeh said that Iran is ready to enjoy the South African experts` know-hows in the sphere of coal power stations.
It will cover basic juicing know-hows plus tips on how to turn standard sandwiches into healthy wraps like grilled chicken and veggie wrapped in tofu dressing and healthy Vietnamese wrap.