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But the Know-It-Alls are oblivious to things like the facts.
At first glance they may look like angels of mercy, but to their colleagues, they are three know-it-alls.
The work was accompanied by a fair amount of muttering about morally superior know-it-alls who think fox hunting is no more than an unethical country sport, but still expect free-range eggs.
Therese of Lisieux's Carmelite order harbored the same grumps, slackers, and know-it-alls that our own families and workplaces do.
If you think that's painful, it's nowhere near as bad as when the know-it-alls get on the train.
But in reality, know-it-alls typically don't know what they don't know.
A further 23% resent people who interrupt private conversations, while 13% can't bear smug know-it-alls who have a loud answer for everything.
Contrary to the popular perception that CEOs think of themselves as know-it-alls, I believe CEOs are hungry for answers about how to navigate through these turbulent times and find new ways to grow.
First, adolescents are frequently know-it-alls who believe that they are smarter than everyone else.
If you're all about the details, you'll want a copy of this indispensable reference guide from one of the great showbiz know-it-alls.
The possibility of a bunch of know-it-alls duking it out for the last word gets us to tune in.
Thus they present themselves to the Easterners as know-it-alls (Besser Wessis), while the latter come across as complainers and weaklings (Jammer Ossis).