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49) In the case of the contemporaneous use of Seldane and erythromycin, even if the metabolism of the drugs was not known (which otherwise would have suggested a possible interaction), the manufacturer might still be liable for failing to warn of the interaction because it was objectively knowable through clinical studies designed to examine the concurrent use of both drugs.
In Carlin, the plaintiff claimed that Upjohn was strictly liable for failing to warn of the emotional, physical, and psychological dangers of Halcion that were either known to Upjohn or reasonably knowable scientifically.
And Eads and his utopian family make this veiled corner of the planet seem so embracing and knowable that anyone who stops by for a visit is likely to go out the door with their head completely refurbished.
No circumstances, no purpose, no law whatsoever can ever make licit an act which is intrinsically illicit, since it is contrary to the law of God which is written in every heart, knowable by reason itself, and proclaimed by this church.
A staking policy, formal or informal, should take into account the volatility of the markets you trade and their outer limits, if these are known or knowable.
Doubt and Certainty: The Celebrated Academy Debates on Science, Mysticism, Reality in General on the Knowable and Unknowable, with Particular Forays Into Such Esoteric Matters as the Mind Fluid, the Behavior of the Stock Market, and the Disposition of a Quantum Mechanical Sphinx, to Name a Few--Tony Rothman and George Sudarshan.
It was assumed that, though these cognitive structures are not directly knowable, it would be possible to document the ways in which students construct knowledge and reorganize their existing cognitive structures.
The section on La Rochefoucauld is also very powerful in its analysis of a text that establishes the subject as neither fully knowing nor knowable, and it is interesting to identify the concept of paradigm shifts in Pascal.
Thus, assumptions about Cartesian "perspectivalism" seem to rest on Descartes's link between knowing and being, between identifying the foundations for accruing knowable things and establishing the autonomy of the subject who knows them.
It does this by violating one of the precepts of classical realism that supports, among other things, such hierarchical gender relations: the unified, knowable "essence" of character beneath the external signs.
The authors claim that the book's greatest originality lies in showing how art and culture, like psychoanalysis, may be performative by calling into being something not yet known and perhaps not knowable in conventional ways.
In his theory about the makeup of creation and about our knowledge of individual creatures (this rose as opposed to that rose), Scatus disagreed with Aquinas and accorded each individual thing a distinct and knowable form of "thisness" (haecceitas in Latin).