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Chapter three analyzes Eckhart's understanding of the relationship between knower and known as unum in actu.
knower codes (ER-, SR+), where specialised knowledge and objects are downplayed and the attributes of actors are emphasised as measures of achievement, whether viewed as born (e.
This situation constitutes an epistemic-partial-unity of knower with known, a partial-unity that was there from the beginning with the interplay of Being and its opposite-pole, Seeing.
Flexibility in choice is essential for both students and teachers, as found in the Continuum of Choice model, where the teacher becomes, in the words of Palmer, a "mediator of relationship between the knower and the known" (Palmer, p.
Dawley, as cemetery commission; and Cynthia Hastings-Brutvan, 313 Knower Road, is looking to replace Louise M.
And it is here that one finds the profound meaning of the locomotive ability of knowers: this capacity liberates knowers from the confines of space and ultimately is at the service of an intelligence that explores.
The traditional way of understanding what happens in a native title hearing is that epistemic relations and knowledge codes are associated with the court and respondents, and social relations and knower codes are associated with the claimants.
For instance, Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz and Maria Lugones contributions both move us away from the detached knower and Western models that dominate epistemology and subjugate alternate ways of knowing.
Significantly, the situated and social nature of the role of teacher leader within a school necessitates a focus in professional learning programs on the ways in which the institutional context of school and the cultural contexts around teacher as professional constrain or enable the stance of teacher leader as knower.
Rather, the reliance on the autonomous agent or positivist knower has been supplanted by the understanding that "authors/rhetors are materially limited, linguistically constrained, historically situated subjects" (Campbell 5).
The first two create a Deus ex machina to connect the knower to the world; Berkeley collapses the world into our ideas of it.