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The traditional way of understanding what happens in a native title hearing is that epistemic relations and knowledge codes are associated with the court and respondents, and social relations and knower codes are associated with the claimants.
Thus, he finds himself unable to decide between multiple solutions to reconciling negative theology with Maimonides identity of knower, object known, and act of knowing (103-5).
Importantly, in the process of consolidating knowledge and writing a case as the expression of that knowing, these teacher leaders were repositioned--as professional and confident knowers who had developed contextual knowledge about leadership that was of value to express and, ultimately, to share.
While both are potentially knowers, the former <becomes an actual knower>, having been altered through learning ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), i.
Being a learner and not a knower is among Flinders' top grounding principles that have guided a career noted as one of the longest and most successful for a woman in the male-dominated technology industry.
Jeremiah does not merely rely on an expert knower for answers--he engages in dialogue with an equal, presuming that both are legitimate knowers.
But more importantly, they are also pointing to a French knower specific to the fashion industry.
The good news is that you don't necessarily have to be 'bitten' to progress from knower to believer.
Arsha Vijnana Mandiram - "The Knower of the Self Gains the Ultimate" is the title of a lecture series presented by Sadhvi Chaitanya at 6 p.
Ong further contends that the historically developed scientific distinction between knower and known critically depended upon Learned Latin.
I shall argue that the conception of the ideal knower has changed during the years between one curriculum and the other.
Even though it may require teachers, it does not ultimately depend on the authority of the teacher for its verification and existence; it resides in the heart and mind of the knower.