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This is the perfection of a knower in so far as he knows; for something is known by a knower by reason of the fact that the thing known is, in some fashion, in the possession of the knower.
Individuals adopting a knower code will rely upon their status as knowers, rather than specialised procedures or techniques, to legitimate claims to knowledge.
Their confidence as knowers melted away as they moved back into their school settings.
While both are potentially knowers, the former <becomes an actual knower>, having been altered through learning ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), i.
The six contestants are in teams of two - the throwers and the knowers.
Where scientific cosmology aims to construct a model or theory of nature as object independent of its observer, philosophical cosmology or metaphysics should be aimed at constructing a model or theory of nature that embraces both 'subject and object', encompassing the characteristics of knowers as well as objects known (181-2).
Sharing the Faith Fellowship was a source for seeking answers from qualified knowers, as these statements convey:
Their life writing serves to delineate two different kinds of knowledge--the autobiographical act is, for these designers, implicated in the construction of themselves as particular kinds of (French) knowers, against the knower implied by the empiricism of the United States.
As a result, the book authorizes women's own experiences of their bodies as sources of knowledge and renders its readers as active knowers rather than the passive subjects of others' study.
There was no intrinsic opposition between theology and philosophy nor, one could add today, between revelation and reason/culture/science, since humans are made to be knowers of both God and creation, and the study of philosophy can augment wisdom.
According to the curriculum, instead of aiming for rational and informed knowers, schools are to work towards training children to speak and act in useful and sensible ways.
Contextual knowers are highly critical in the pursuit of understanding and examine not only the data but also their own and others' perceptions and values.