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Knowing ourselves, and everything around us, is a task which demands the most of us.
He often has sudden episodes of hysterical blindness, and prides himself on always knowing which color is in for each season of the year.
After having thought about it, knowing why may have made you boss, but if you want to get it done right, you'd better make sure that everyone knows why
Knowing that he had his audience, he continued, "What will be our invitation, our summons, to noble purpose?
It was then that Lindh "agreed to attend an al-Qaeda training camp for additional and extensive military training, knowing that America and its citizens were the enemies of bin Laden and al-Qaeda and that a principal purpose of al-Qaeda was to fight and kill Americans.
The court took the position that where a defendant deliberately avoids confirming his suspicions, in the face of a high probability that illegal drugs are present, in order to purposely remain ignorant of their presence, such deliberate avoidance of knowledge is equivalent to actually knowing the drugs are there.
industry involves more than simply knowing how to sew.
I feel guilty sitting here knowing I don't have two tape recorders running like Virginia wanted.
Knowing this makes all the difference in the world in a man's attitude toward the commonplace activities of daily life.
To be blunt, I am talking about conduct that, when engaged in on the street, is universally recognized as manslaughter, or, if the conduct was knowing and willful, as murder.