knowing person

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This is the sort of instinct which is possessed by statesmen, who are not wise or knowing persons, but only inspired or divine.
I have not gone through life without knowing persons, both male and female, who are gay.
Knowing Persons consists of six chapters together with introduction and conclusion in a dialogically historical format.
Overcoming Separateness: Knowing Persons as Persons
Further, as I will attempt now to show, love is also the way to knowledge which is appropriate for knowing persons as persons.
Knowing persons as persons can be elucidated by reference to Kant's statement that the human being "exists as an end in himself and not merely as a means to be used by this or that will.
It is a prerequisite of knowing persons as persons and not as objects.
If knowing persons as persons presupposes a loving attitude and involves communication and exchange of thoughts and feelings, knowing objects as persons is properly speaking impossible and can be spoken of only in a derivative sense.