knowledge of facts

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I place my own interpretation on this circumstance; but as it is not founded on any knowledge of facts, I merely allude to it, and say no more.
George Shelby, interested, as any other young man might be, by the romance of the incident, no less than by feelings of humanity, was at the pains to send to Cassy the bill of sale of Eliza; whose date and name all corresponded with her own knowledge of facts, and felt no doubt upon her mind as to the identity of her child.
I assume that the committee's investigation would entail questioning individuals with knowledge of facts underlying the allegations contained in the federal indictment, including Senator Oaks," Schenning wrote.
Heirs of Abalon, the Supreme Court held that the main purpose of the Torrens System is to avoid possible conflicts of title to real estate and to facilitate transactions relative thereto by giving the public the right to rely upon the face of a Torrens certificate of title and to dispense with the need of inquiring further, except when the party concerned has actual knowledge of facts and circumstances that should impel a reasonably cautious man to make such further inquiry.
Once again, supposedly in his specialist subject, Johnson was exposed as having no grasp of detail, knowledge of facts or concern for the truth.
Paul Hillock's knowledge of facts and figures on the subject of housing trends and relative population average ages in Coventry and Barking and Dagenham (Letters, April 9) is a certainly impressive but when he likens people who are trying to influence local housing policy to the boy who stuck his finger in the dyke he is missing the point.
During the 18th, 19th and much of the 20th century, history, much like other science and social science disciplines, was dominated by the Positivist or Marxist paradigm which had posited an objective reality out there amenable to recovery through incremental knowledge of facts which would ultimately reveal the truth.
Thus, a hallmark of know-that is learning that is dependent upon knowledge of facts.
But the MEP failed to demonstrate his knowledge of facts a little closer to home when the Record challenged him.
If you have no knowledge of facts why did you come in the court.
Gengler manages the creative and product side of the business, and he is grateful to have his partner's knowledge of facts, figures and product design.
One thing about political rhetoric in the Islamic Republic is that it doesn't require any research or knowledge of facts.

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