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To adopt such a tactic is to blank out the very grounding of human knowledgeability in the continuity of skilfully reproduced practices.
The top 4 statements with which larger proportions of physicians with dementia training agreed included confidence in diagnosing dementia (87%), confidence in giving advice on symptom management of PWD (79%), knowledgeability of dementia diagnosis and management (71%), and improvement in the quality of life of PWD (74%).
Oborn and Dawson hold that team members can help others integrate new meaning and understanding into their own specialist knowledgeability (knowledge, invested with power, becomes drawn into tacit integration): knowledgeable actors in a group need to convince and influence others' thinking (knowledge is reconstituted in the group's practice), a multidisciplinary group of experts may develop meaning by sharing knowledge across occupational boundaries (the creation of a multidisciplinary structure may support existing privilege), whereas fragmented domains of knowledge from multiple disciplinary groups may achieve coherence.
Their discussion demonstrates that knowledgeability is not constituted in the individual, in one's head, something mentor consultants impart to novices, or vice versa.
Answers given by attendees about literacy, computer operation, open elementary education and the open high school courses demonstrate that the participants had positive comments about the duration and content of such courses, the methods, techniques and materials used by the teachers, the appropriateness of the teaching environment, the assessment carried out at the end of the courses, the knowledgeability and capability of the teachers as well as the teachers' attitudes towards them.
This interactive, multimedia curriculum helps processors expand the knowledgeability of employees to better operate Key equipment at peak performance to optimize product quality and maximize equipment uptime while minimizing training costs.
The thesis that lay people lack reflexivity has also been questioned from another perspective which argues that lay people's knowledgeability increasingly displays features that are close to sociologists' postures.
This examination is aimed, first, at fostering "marginal" opinions which the author believes to be fundamentally correct--and the rejection of which since times immemorial (by Schleiermacher and others) he considers to have greatly harmed and hampered our understanding of the Ephesian philosopher; second, at introducing some personal corrections and additions to these opinions; and third, at illustrating the advantages of a deliberately unprejudiced approach towards our sources, an approach based on the presumption of innocence, knowledgeability, and intelligence for all our informers and on the rejection of any rejection (this is not a dittography
The civic "character features" that the report sums up in the concept of "empowerment" (egenmakt)--commitment, knowledgeability, control, identification, and consciousness--are presented throughout as core values of democracy.
The science teachers' awareness of the knowledgeability of the educational application of ICT are respectively far below expectation.
Experimental philosophy in the late seventeenth century depended upon what Stephen Shapin and Simon Schaffer have famously characterized as the "modest witness" that is, a gendered figure of authority, gentility, and privilege measured for "[his] moral constitution as well as [his] knowledgeability.

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