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Community college instructors and other teachers of adult learners need to recognize how computers used as tools and the social interactions in the computer classroom structure learning; they also need to reorganize their practice around the powerful nexus of knowledgeability dependent upon the interactions of people, tools, activity, and culture.
Chapsal's writing, her analysis, and the kindness and knowledgeability of her friend Agathe (a concentration-camp survivor and painter in her own right) enabled her to mold a new identity for herself.
I am pleased and surprised by the response to this area, and I'm amazed at the knowledgeability and enthusiasm displayed by the consumers," Shihadeh notes.
Issues of staff responsiveness, knowledgeability, and empathy are almost as important.
In the present atmosphere of smug knowledgeability, this doubt-wracked puritanism is as bracing as a sip of kerosene.
Eclecticism has been naturalized as "subtlety" and "accommodation" has been constructed as "nuance," and they are thus seen as marks of knowledgeability and depth of perception.
Debevec, Madden, and Kernan (1986) reported that attractiveness increased perceived trustworthiness and knowledgeability, both of which were closely associated with enhanced message evaluations.
Customers were asked to rate Crucial on the following attributes: high quality, reasonable prices, responsiveness, courteousness, knowledgeability, reliability, and speed.
The five service factors to which shippers attached importance were freight rates, cargo care and handling, knowledgeability, punctuality and transit time, and service frequency.
Rather decision making involves combining different forms of knowledgeability in a mutually informative way.
The Senior Real Estate Man/Woman of the Year award is selected on the basis of integrity, a high degree of professional ethics, knowledgeability and accomplishments in the field of real estate, contribution of time and effort to YM/WREA and REBNY, and constructive participation in the life of the community.
strength and knowledgeability of both dealers and patrons.

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