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The underground rock scene is knowledgeably used, and the film happily features more music than dialog in its attempt to communicate teenage dreams, rhythms and sensations.
"Every fragrance sales specialist, including management, that works on the sales floor in every Nordstrom location has undergone certification by The Fragrance Foundation to provide customers with a staff who can speak knowledgeably and accurately about fragrance."
* contribute knowledgeably and productively to discussion of issues at the board meeting;
Furthermore, they may be unprepared to participate knowledgeably in the development of women's health programs, in public policy debate on abortion or even in discussions of abortion within their own institutions.
They can play a critical role in communicating to the policyholders the future benefits of the sponsored demutualization, so that the policyholders can vote knowledgeably on the matter.
Their dealin gs were widespread, their practical business knowledge extensive, and their bequests knowledgeably directed.
Cowart does not, however, limit himself to this theme, as rich as it is: his insightful readings of each of the twelve novels explore psychology, science, history, geopolitics, sports, and popular culture, drawing knowledgeably on such sources as Freud and Lacan, Nietzsche and Wittgenstein, Derrida and Baudrillard, and a host of literary artists and literary critics.
Although the translation sometimes reads awkwardly, the information and insights that this encyclopedic, lavishly illustrated volume offers are worth considering--and often savoring--as they knowledgeably illuminate the social attitudes, cultural values and political aspirations that distinguish the modern arts of Africa.
Experience is of tremendous value if the nurse can address issues more knowledgeably and improve quality outcomes.
Because we ask staff to do so many things in the first few days of camp, it is important that they spend time actually doing things that will cause them to act knowledgeably in a crisis situation.
She refers to Duchamp (knowledgeably, one infers) as "a sexually destroyed person" and portrays Giacometti's tremendous anxieties: "He was afraid ...
Alfred Newman, Bernard Herrmann, John Barry and John Williams were represented, all knowledgeably introduced by Tommy Pearson; but my personal favourite was Sir Richard Rodney Bennett's Murder on the Orient Express, as classy as Ravel and Honegger, and e legantly delivered.