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In that way, all directors can contribute knowledgeably and productively to the board discussion and consider thoughtfully all points made by other board members before voting.
If the policyholders vote "no," the acquisition can't go ahead, so it's in the interests of both the sponsor and the mutual to ensure that the parties closest to the policyholders have all the information they need to talk knowledgeably about the benefits and mechanics of the plan.
Although the translation sometimes reads awkwardly, the information and insights that this encyclopedic, lavishly illustrated volume offers are worth considering--and often savoring--as they knowledgeably illuminate the social attitudes, cultural values and political aspirations that distinguish the modern arts of Africa.
These attributes, or tags, explain the context within which each piece of data exists, making it easier to use the information knowledgeably and efficiently.
Experience is of tremendous value if the nurse can address issues more knowledgeably and improve quality outcomes.
Because we ask staff to do so many things in the first few days of camp, it is important that they spend time actually doing things that will cause them to act knowledgeably in a crisis situation.
As technical communicators, we can derive immense benefits from using these connections if we learn to use the Net knowledgeably.
Though researchers could model how much UV would seep through a thinner ozone layer, Van der Leun knew they couldn't knowledgeably predict human skin's response.
however, they must be used knowledgeably and with careful attention to identifying those needs.
As a result, consumers will be able to make decisions as efficiently and knowledgeably as Corporate America can.
Patients will be able to participate more knowledgeably in decisions about their care when they have more precise information about the probabilities of all the potential risks and outcomes associated with each alternative.
Exotic landscapes, unique visions, architectural renderings, still-lifes, cityscapes, human figures, birds and beasts are all vividly portrayed in the reproductions and critiqued knowledgeably in the text.