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The main affair grew heavy upon my mind still, and I could not think of going out of the country without somehow or other making inquiry into the grand affair of what my mother had done for me; nor could I with any patience bear the thought of going away, and not make myself known to my old husband (brother), or to my child, his son; only I would fain have had this done without my new husband having any knowledge of it, or they having any knowledge of him, or that I had such a thing as a husband.
I said some very tender, kind things in the letter about his son, which I told him he knew to be my own child, and that as I was guilty of nothing in marrying him, any more than he was in marrying me, neither of us having then known our being at all related to one another, so I hoped he would allow me the most passionate desire of once seeing my one and only child, and of showing something of the infirmities of a mother in preserving a violent affect for him, who had never been able to retain any thought of me one way or other.
I can neither express nor describe the joy that touched my very soul when I found, for it was easy to discover that part, that he came not as a stranger, but as a son to a mother, and indeed as a son who had never before known what a mother of his own was; in short, we cried over one another a considerable while, when at last he broke out first.
Yes," said Anne, "you tell me nothing which does not accord with what I have known, or could imagine.
They had previously known embarrassments enough to try the friendship of their friends, and to prove that Mr Elliot's had better not be tried; but it was not till his death that the wretched state of his affairs was fully known.
This the weather in the beginning of all those known Aprils.
This table provides the number of violent crimes and property crimes with a breakdown of the offenses known to law enforcement and the percentage of those offenses that were cleared by arrest or exceptional means.
As you can imagine, the debate around what is known or could be known is never straightforward.
She had earned her spot on the CSUN roster as a basketball player, and that's how she wanted to be known.
Johnson-Sirleaf is known as "The Iron Lady" because of her strong will and determination.
Anyway, I've known women who identify as butch and women who identify as femme who both fit and defy these stereotypes, from the femme who recently screeched at a dinner party for all to hear, "I am not a pillow queen
This is determined by a "reasonable person" standard--would a reasonable person in similar circumstances have known of the item of community income.