known variously as

See: alias
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The store, known variously as AMED, DMED or MSA, has now closed, but biennial reunions for former military and civilian staff continue to be held in the Andover area.
What Maron is practicing is known variously as sedation dentistry, oral sedation or conscious sedation, and dentists in the San Fernando Valley and across the nation have, in recent years, taken it up to appeal to otherwise-fearful patients who need extensive work.
This hook is known variously as a grappling hook, skyhook, and cliff-hanger.
But such a variety of languages means they often end up having three names for everything: so Fendant (The French Chasselas grape)becomes known variously as Gutedal,Perlan or Dorin.
The culprit is known variously as LAV-I (lymphadenopathy-associated virus), HTLV-III (human T-lymphotropic virus) and ARV (AIDS-associated retrovirus).
The unusual shape change has also been reported in the nuclei of helper T lymphocytes infected by HTLV-I and -II, two leukemia-causing viruses related but not identical to the AIDS-associated virus, known variously as HTLV-III, LAV and ARV.