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The cast was reunited for two TV movies in the late 1970s: "The Father Knows Best Reunion" and "Father Knows Best: Home for Christmas.
Although Abbott demonstrably knows best for herself, she purports to know best for parents who must send their children to Labour's local authority-controlled sink schools.
Nickelodeon provides full evenings of morality plays like Father Knows Best and Leave It to Beaver hours of entertainment for generations of younger Americans.
As in Newfoundland, where fishermen devastated the cod (see "A Run on the Banks," this issue), industry in Ecuador believes it knows best how to manage the dwindling ocean resource.
The other semi was won by He Knows Best, who missed trouble when leading at the first bend and just prevailed from Way Up Official in 29.
Catholic body that knows best what's good for me and the circumstances of my life in this modern society.
In trying to keep one foot in each camp, he loses his balance, or perhaps it's fairer to say he fails to plant himself on firm ground, always shifting perspective instead of staying with the things he knows best.
The general public cynicism toward and evasion of Prohibition laws, enacted under the prim glower of Woodrow Wilson, proved to be the first open taste of popular rebellion against the belief that government knows best how citizens should run their private lives.
Although drug companies are on the right path in starting to look at the importance of optimal HDL levels, once again, when it comes to safety and efficacy, Mother Nature knows best," commented Cheryl Myers, ITI Vice President of Health Sciences.
As the Daily News editorial said, ``Laura knows best.