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She dares to tell the Son of God to think again and suggests that she knows better than he does what his true mission might be.
New things always happening, and no one knows better than the customer what's out there," he says.
By subjecting a parent to criminal liability for providing a video game to their child, the state of Oklahoma is the first in the country to pass a law that takes the unprecedented step of telling parents that the government knows better than they what games their children should play.
LA PALMA -- By now, Jan Sakonju knows better than to worry.
Gregorian knows better than most that these are not easy things to do but are absolutely essential if Muslims and non-Muslims are to live peaceably side by side.
But apparently DePodesta is confident he knows better than that terrific manager.
4 Michigan, but offensive line coach Tim Davis knows better than to predict anything against the Wolverines.