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Krater will conclude two four-year terms as managing partner on June 30, 2017.
Depicted on the obverse of the krater is the moment of the death of prince Sarpedon, son of Zeus and Laodameia.
170 auf der Welt bekannten Krater gezahlt werden, zumindest was dessen Geologie und Geomorphologie betrifft (Veski et al.
The vase illustrates the Apotheosis of Homer, the images taken from an engraving published by D'Hancarville after a Greek red-figured krater in the collection of Sir William Hamilton, the great English collector of classical antiquities," Martin notes.
One such implement was the krater, a vessel in which wine was diluted to the right consistency for drinking.
Bu ardisik uygulamada oncelikle argon laser ile iris dokusunda 2/3 derinlige inen krater olusturulur ve sonra olusturulan bu kraterin ortasina Nd:YAG laser uygulanarak iridotomi tamamlanir.
The vessel displays obvious Greek influences in the adaptation of the forms of the amphora and the krater and the narrative embellished on the neck of the vessel.
40) The two figures occupy the same position, and the conclusion is that the Prometheus krater follows Andromeda's more common iconography.
Realms of Gold: Ritual to Romance" follows art writer Bianca Evan Caldwell as she becomes fascinated with a krater, a large golden pot of Greek origin, and the history behind it.
GOOD FUN Right, Transformers and, above, Mensa Academy Krater - Collector's Edition Platform: PC Price: pounds 17.
Given the vital role of mid-market companies for the future competitiveness of the US economy, the merged business stands to reap significant benefits by being Chicagoa[euro](tm)s number one professional services provider to that segment, Krater added.