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Authors of the two reports warned the results do not conclusively show that contamination from the former nuclear research and rocket engine testing lab caused cancer and other illnesses in the surrounding community.
When asked about lab safety, the first thing experts want to talk about is minimum square footage per occupant and appropriate occupancy.
says Goddard, who was the chief criminalist of the Huntington Beach, California, police department when the USFW hired him to set up the forensics lab.
Although there are several types of interlaboratory studies, the majority of which concentrate on validation of a test method, NBS initiated a proficiency testing program which focuses mainly on overall lab performance.
Fortunately, Congress has recently become a severe critic of poor lab performance.
Rather, the studies, which will be presented in full detail tonight, suggest that agencies need to closely monitor the lab cleanup and residents should be aware that there may be a higher risk of some cancers in the neighborhoods near the lab.
Detectives, conducting a stolen property investigation, uncovered the suspected methamphetamine lab and arrested a couple.
Questions about the accuracy of Vitale's tests and lab officials' decision in March to ignore a state order to cease breath alcohol testing have fueled a defense effort to have about 600 drunk driving cases thrown out of court.
Perren stated that the difficulties experienced by the lab ``were not created by, nor perpetuated by, nor were they resolved by the district attorney.
I never made that statement,'' Larson said Wednesday, the second day of a hearing that could ultimately lead to the dismissal of more than 600 drunk-driving cases because of licensing and testing problems at the lab.