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Wines containing fewer than 10 ppm may be labeled "contains only naturally occurring sulfites--no sulfites added" or there may be no mention of sulfites at all.
For instance, in the U.S., players labeled "people of color" often start off in a neighborhood without good schools, part of the racist legacy of racial segregation and poverty that endures in the U.S.
While starving cells for various lengths of time, Simon and his colleagues labeled them with quantum dots.
It opposes mandatory labeling of genetically enhanced foods, saying it would be redundant, given the FDA's existing policy, which requires that biotech foods need only be labeled if they are significantly altered or if an allergen is introduced.
Prior to that, bottles were most often sold unlabeled from bins which were labeled and served in decanters.
The rule says that a food labeled "healthy" must have at least 10 percent of the Daily Value for vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, protein, or fiber.
Rooney calls the racial allegations "baseless" and "ridiculous," saying the recording "wouldn't be labeled according to the race of the artists, just the violence of the lyrics." He also points to the fact that many black activist organizations have joined in supporting his bill.