labor expense

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Research has shown that labor expense in bank branches continues to rise while bank customers continue to cite poor service as the primary reason for switching banks," added Angove.
Exterior Accents high-hiding performance requires fewer coats, less on-the-job time, and reduced labor expense, as well as aesthetic flexibility.
The Diagnostic Assessment finds trends and outliers in each of these areas, and uses the organization's own historical performance to identify root causes contributing to the excess labor expense.
District Judge Nancy Gertner to conspiring to violate the Federal Meat Inspection Act and filing false tax returns; GREENBURG also pleaded guilty to participating in a scheme to evade taxes by paying the labor expense of the illegal repackaging scheme with checks that were not reported as income and paying other supplemental salary payments and personal expenses with checks that were not reported as income to any of the individuals involved.
The study also explores operational reasons that may explain patterns in labor expense.
Contributing substantially to the loss is an increase in cost of goods sold primarily due to overproduction, higher labor expense and depreciation levels in the food manufacturing areas.
While the potential value of the contract to the joint venture is estimated at $80 million for each of the first three years, the majority of that represents craft labor expense.
Trinity's operational improvement is supported by favorable managed care contract renegotiations, improved revenue cycle and supply chain management, reduced pension and contract labor expense, and decreased losses related to employed primary care physicians.
A significant increase in labor expense was the main cause for lower net income and decreased operating profit margin.
There was an immediate drop in hardware and software expenses, as well as labor expenses, for updating or tweaking the system.
That strategy helped cut overall labor expenses by more than 10%, Todd reports.
According to a new report by USDA's Economic Research Service, Hired Farm Labor Use on Fruit, Vegetable, and Horticultural Specialty Farms, FVH farms that used hired and/or contract labor had average labor expenses of $52,446 per farm, compared with $8,886 for all other types of farms.