labor expense

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Chua cited an example under the provisions of the CTRP 2, where the government will allow an additional deduction of up to 50 percent on direct labor expense. This means that for every job created, companies may deduct up to 150 percent of direct labor expense, compared to just 100 percent in the present regime.
In Vietnam, mechanization reduced production labor cost to the equivalent of P120, compared to the average P460 labor expense of a rice farmer in the Philippines, Villar said.
An owner who also serves as an instructor would significantly reduce the labor expense (the financial information reflects this).
These incentives include income tax holiday (ITH); reduced corporate income tax; tax allowance for investments; double deduction for research and development; double deduction for training; additional deduction for labor expense; 100 percent deduction on infrastructure development; and deduction for reinvestment allowance to manufacturing industry.
The software's goal is not only to enhance service to tenants but also limit wasted time and labor expense for landlords and property managers.
Is it possible then, that the automated scheduling tools that promised better labor expense management may actually be contributing to lower associate engagement and retention by creating more unfavorable schedules for individual associates?
The equipment monitors the emissions of fabric filter baghouses, cartridge filters or ESP's; monitors the emissions of filter receivers on conveying or vacuum systems; verifies the injection of powders and dry solids into the processes; indicates quick location of leaks for rapid response, eliminating labor expense and avoiding excursions; and, detects very early warning of particulate emissions, allowing for proactive maintenance and scheduling before reaching high (excursion) level alarms.--Auburn Systems, 978/777-2460; www.
* Indicates quick location of the leak for rapid response, eliminating labor expense and avoiding excursions
Operating expenses were $338.7 million, up 20% from the 2011 first quarter, primarily due to increases in aircraft fuel, labor expense, depreciation and amortization, plus other operating expenses, the company said.
RESULTS: Eliminated cumbersome programming, bulb and labor expense, and downtime associated with the incandescent sign, plus its $5,000 annual maintenance contract fee.
Selling, general and administrative (SG&A) expenses fell 15 basis points to 24.43% of sales, with the company pointing to effective management of labor expense, store occupancy costs and advertising expense.
Labor expense increased 11 percent for all Top 100 cooperatives.