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Two Ethiopian women were referred for delivery after they developed labor pains in Riyadh, according to Sd Al-Qahtani, the Health Ministry's spokesman in Riyadh.
And China is not the only Asian nation with labor pains.
When the young woman had labor pains, she was taken to the maternity section of King Abdul Aziz Specialist Hospital in Taif where she gave birth to a baby girl.
The answer: lots of charisma (check), vocal talent (check), an uncanny ability to write and pick great songs (check) and most importantly, Labor Pains - which not coincidentally is the title of his eagerly anticipated debut album.
But she feared that she wouldn't have the fortitude to stick with that decision if the labor pains became too intense.
According to yesterday's Al-Madinah newspaper, hundreds of shoppers cleared the path for a woman who started having labor pains while shopping with her husband.
Martinez, a student, said she started having labor pains Monday night and was admitted to the hospital Tuesday morning with Zamora by her side.
Her sister Zenia, 25, was visiting and just a few hours later, at 9 AM, began having labor pains herself.