labor saving

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Labor saving features: no pit-less clean-up, large easy clean-out doors, modular design.
A number of benefits is said to be offered by the 2TE, SPM or FR, including an excellent cooling effect, a high discharge flow rate, labor saving automation, superbly stable quality and a cleaner, healthier work environment, according to the literature.
This package is for the contractor that wants to save time and money with the benefit of having all of these labor saving devices in one cost efficient package, www.
Compared to conventional approaches, the latest technology helps achieve labor saving and low-cost pest control.
Though our association promotes the application and use of labor saving technology in our papermaking processes, many of our members are not aware of the opportunities presented by new learning and knowledge base technology.
Some of the jobs lost to automation and systems have, of course, reappeared overseas, not because they were stolen, but rather because the low wages abroad relieve those operations of any need for labor saving techniques.
Artificial Intelligence and robotics sound exciting and labor saving, but have we examined the "what ifs" of further advancement?
WIRELESS has embarked on a cost reduction program, including the installation of high speed labor saving automatic packaging machines, consolidation of warehousing and shipping facilities, along with accounting and administrative personnel, and a line by line review and re-evaluation of all expenses.
These vibrators functioned as time and labor saving devices for the medical community by mitigating the onerous job of manual manipulation; they allowed doctors to treat faster with less technical expertise.
Tilt furnaces are ideal for large pours and labor saving molten metal handling.
Often I work with companies installing new machinery--new labor saving machinery.
Convenience, labor saving and performance benefits will push the demand for disposable kits and trays, currently the largest segment, up 6.