labor supply

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The beginning of cooperation in the field of labor supply will contribute to solving the problems of finding jobs for local people and training specialized personnel for the company Kolmar.
This has been adjusted downwards by more than 30 percent due to project delays related to the tight labor supply in the construction sector,' the research note said.
Thus the demand pressures generated by the higher expenditure will push prices upwards and adverse labor supply effect may push up wages while the exchange rate appreciation will reduce the domestic prices of imported goods.
The introduction of OAA ben efits led to changes in labor supply behavior precisely at age 65, and the changes varied substantially across states.
In this paper, I investigate the effect of increased accessibility to public PK on the labor supply of mothers of 4-year-olds by using variation in the introduction of PK programs into American public schools.
This view has been supported by low estimates of the effect of unemployment insurance extensions on labor supply.
2 David Autor (2010) finds that changes in the ratio over 1979-2007 as well as over the subperiod after 2000 are positively correlated with changes in wages, suggesting a conventional labor supply explanation.
2012) 'Micro and macro labor supply elasticities: A reassessment of conventional wisdom', Journal of Economic Literature, 50(2), pp.
We investigate the effects of this recent increase in the female labor supply among married females and the effects of their earnings on distribution of family income.
Depending on the position of the demand for labor schedule derived from the maximization of Equation 2, and given the stepwise labor supply curve described by Equation 3, each country's labor market features two stable equilibria: a good equilibrium in which the adult wage is high enough to support the family without child labor, a bad equilibrium in which families cannot survive without the added income derived from child labor, or both.
In standard economic theory, labor supply decisions depend on the complete set of prices: wages and the prices of relevant consumption goods.
In addition to its surprising size, Montana's available labor supply is diversified across a wide spectrum of occupations.