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Orth's paper, covering the interpretation of microbiological reports, is timely, practical and informative, while that by Wasserman is an excellent survey of how modern microbiological techniques have added immeasurably to the laboratory diagnosis of patient infections, yet without forgetting the older laboratory procedures.
Laboratory diagnosis was initially made by detection of poliovirus type 3-specific IgM antibody in blood and confirmed by isolation of poliovirus type 3.
laboratory diagnosis of mycobacterial infections, including safety and related issues;
Advances in the laboratory diagnosis of viral respiratory disease.
So now the laboratory diagnosis of acute MI is a reality.
In light of these issues, Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI, formerly NCCLS) has recently published Laboratory Detection and Identification of Mycobacteria; Proposed Guideline (M48-P), which addresses topics related to the laboratory diagnosis of mycobacterial infections, including safety and related issues; levels of service and referrals; clinical significance of mycobacteria; acceptable specimen types and their collection; transport and storage; specimen processing methods; methods for the direct detection of mycobacteria in clinical specimens; culture methods, including contamination issues; reporting and quality control; and phenotypic and genotypic identification procedures.
Medical microbiology; a guide to microbial infections; pathogenesis, immunity, laboratory diagnosis, and control, 17th ed.
Hantavirus pulmonary and cardiovascular syndrome: epidemiology, clinical presentation, laboratory diagnosis and treatment.
IEQAS is a program for improving laboratory diagnosis in hemophilia treatment centers around the world by creating a "universal standard" for laboratory testing.
Laboratory diagnosis of Nipah and Hendra virus infections.

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