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LABOR. Continued operation; work.
     2. The labor and skill of one man is frequently used in a partnership, and valued as equal to the capital of another.
     3. When business has been done for another, and suit is brought to recover a just reward, there is generally contained in the declaration, a count for work and labor.
     4. Where penitentiaries exist, persons who have committed crimes are condemned to be imprisoned therein at labor.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'One of the laborers had been killed on the spot while another four had been injured,' they said.
estimated the use of 24 gallons diesel fuel for their excavators and an unknown quantity of fuel for transportation of debris, equipment and laborers. The RE Store used 15 gallons of diesel fuel for its excavator and 13 gallons of gasoline to transport laborers and materials approximately 132 miles.
The officials told that the laborer was crushed to death under a tractor trolley at the stone crushing plant of Sarghoda.
Ayman A., an Egyptian with a bachelor's degree in science, came to the Kingdom as a laborer but is working in a company that produces foodstuffs.
Who better to be the unseen fodder for Welstad's chain of day labor hiring halls than vilified immigrant day laborers and underemployed welfare recipients?
3 laborers slept in an Imam Bargah during construction work after switching on gas heater on Sheikhupura road Muridke.
Taipei, July 9, 2012 (CENS) -- Share of foreign laborers for high value-added lines may break the existing limit and reach as high as 40%, but employers may have to pay up to NT$10,000 of monthly employment stabilization fee for the extra foreign laborers, aid Lin San-guei, director general of the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, under the Council of Labor Affairs, yesterday (Sept.
SUKKUR -- Sindh government has decided to handover 1024 flats to laborers in the newly built Labor Colony in Sukkur.
The factory owners and laborers have voiced strong protest against the closure of these factories.
Deputy Labor Minister Emin Sanginzoda said that verbal agreements between day laborers and employers do not guarantee day laborers respect for their social and legal rights at the press conference in Dushanbe on February 7.