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Rooms, accessed through rustic wood doors, have fashionable living spaces and integrated step-up bathrooms with sculptural bathtubs that weigh more than a ton -- laboriously carved by artist Mario Dasso.
The 32-year-old right wing extremist spent three months laboriously pounding and mixing fertiliser, aspirin and other chemicals on his remote farm residence.
Unfortunately this humorous incident is repeated laboriously throughout the book.
Secondly, the information that CAUT has been laboriously "investigating" was and is actually readily available in each institution's annual calendar, available on their websites.
Each plan is keyword-search able, enabling the person reviewing the plan to instantly search for any phrase or topic, without laboriously searching through hundreds of document pages.
In an unrelated incident, 2 cars parked at a Haret Hureik lot were completely gutted by presumed arson with firemen working laboriously in an attempt to stop the spread of fire to other vehicles.
Writes out the receipt carefully, laboriously, as if it's a sacred contract,
He has worked laboriously on the script for two years before it went on floors and would not like anyone staking claim on the movie.
I laboriously spelled out "Norwegian" until a teacher tapped me on the shoulder and told me it was more correct to write "American.
On TV, nurses have slogged laboriously through years of tremulous coming-of-age dramas and soapy hospital serials, but mainly provided background to doctor dramas.
Many other fingerprint techniques have tried to identify a few key features on a fingerprint and laboriously matched them against a database of templates.
This will help to end optometry freshers at all universities having to laboriously fill in application forms for Student AOP membership by hand.