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4) In terms of promptness and enthusiasm to execute a task, Vulcan does not fall short of the standards set by what could be aptly characterized as the epitome of female decorum, chastity, faithfulness, and laboriousness.
It is quite another issue whether or not the writers of the strategy understand the laboriousness of earning a technical master's degree.
He is relishing the freedom of stand-up after the laboriousness of a show with 40 people, and adds, perhaps surprisingly, that he never wants to do anything else which has as high a profile as Jerry Springer.
Like last season's "Sly Fox," it shows the dusty laboriousness of underaccelerated farce.
Such language further emphasizes the laboriousness and unnaturalness of the Hungarian attempt to imitate their German teachers in the arts of war.
Bereft of people, who are relegated to peering in through the cracks between the wooden planks of the carousel, it becomes trapped within its own laboriousness, pathetically parodying the grandiose memorial next to which it is situated.
But the movie is deadeningly dull, mired in convoluted melodrama, nonsensical jargon and stiff-upper-lip laboriousness.
But the interviews are saved from laboriousness by the interviewer, Richard Canning, who changes the pace and shifts topics frequently.
In further describing Tyndale, Frith, and Barnes as worthy successors of fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Lollards, Foxe contrasts the mechanical reproduction of a multitude of books with the laboriousness of copying manuscripts out by hand.
The overwhelming impression is of a curious melange of carelessness, listlessness, laboriousness and haste, of a wearied haul to get to the word minimum (as witnessed by the word-count numbers on rough drafts).
Under the centralized wage system, earnings differentials between sectors of the economy and between occupations were shaped by an administrative perception of their laboriousness, productivity, and social usefulness.