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But I must tell you I engage my labourers without wages.
It has converted the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet, the man of science, into its paid wage labourers.
He is poorly dressed, and yet does not appear to be a labourer.
At another time I went to read to a poor labourer who was in the last stage of consumption.
The money was gone, and I was simply myself again, Scarlett Trent, a labourer, penniless and of no account.
Nikita was a peasant of about fifty from a neighbouring village, 'not a manager' as the peasants said of him, meaning that he was not the thrifty head of a household but lived most of his time away from home as a labourer.
He learned many things, and generalized much and often erroneously, all of which can be found in the pages of The Unskilled Labourer.
A Labourer lay listening to a Nightingale's song throughout the summer night.
AN Author saw a Labourer hammering stones into the pavement of a street, and approaching him said:
I consoled myself with the thought that the reason my earning capacity had not increased with my years and strength was because I had remained an unskilled labourer.
asked a labourer with a hod of bricks, against whom and a fellow-labourer Mr Squeers had backed, on the first jerk of the umbrella.
In reality, he could say this with ten times more reason and confidence than Cato, or any other proud fellow among the antient or modern heroes; for he was not only devoid of fear, but might be considered as a faithful labourer, when at the end of harvest he is summoned to receive his reward at the hands of a bountiful master.