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It is our interpretation that the hearing loss in our 2 patients can be explained by (1) an acute osmotic imbalance caused by hemodialysis or (2) an acute labyrinthine injury secondary to the introduction into the bloodstream of degraded product from an old cellulose acetate membrane in a hemodialyzer that had been in use for 15 years.
The exhibition functioned almost like an elaborate visual footnote to Steinweg's dense and difficult text, excerpts of which turned up throughout its labyrinthine displays.
This labyrinthine tale begins on a subway with its apparent protagonist seeing two little girls, who turn out to be ghosts.
The Renaissance dialogue (Erasmus, Castiglione, Marguerite de Navarre, Montaigne) may have error both as subject matter and as a model for its own labyrinthine proceeding (chap.
Cockpit crews have reported a spate of incidents in which aircraft landing at the London airport are getting lost due to a controversial reorganisation of the airfield's labyrinthine layout.
com revealed itself as a marketing hoax, we still appreciated the care and attention of the labyrinthine plot.
Liam Gillick has created labyrinthine installations from Plexiglass, aluminium and wood.
Calling on his officials and the 190 member nations to help redraw priorities, Annan's report on UN reform prescribes streamlining various departments, simplifying labyrinthine procedures, firing or retraining staff and recruiting more skilled people.
IN THE WINTER OF 1986, LAURA Blumenfeld's father was shot and lightly wounded by a Palestinian militant as he strolled through the labyrinthine alleyways of Jerusalem's old city.
Little matter: Most cut the fast-growing company a great deal of slack in terms of its reporting -- filings included some labyrinthine explanations that few could follow -- and didn't regard its lack of transparency as a problem.
Novel morphologies observed including a labyrinthine (or spinodal) surface patterns as well as extended smooth regions.
Or does it probe more deeply the labyrinthine contradictions at the heart of Aframerican identity?