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The cage version features the same SOCKFIT COLLAR construction, PURECUT LACELESS upper and CONTROLSKIN as the on-pitch boot; along with a full length BOOSTao midsole and traction studs.
ADIDAS ULTRABOOST LACELESS RUNNING SHOES PS159.95, GOING for a run just got easier with Adidas' new laceless running shoe.
The recurring image of shoes and the paths they tread is a powerful one, from the red shoes Anna outgrows to Reb's laceless boots and from the stout wooden-heeled shoes the Swallow Man wears to the tiny, beaded baby shoe he carries with him on their journey.
Drawing inspiration from life resembling monastic beauty, details are hugely restrained while palettes are clean & muted as seen on laceless oxfords, high-shaft block heels, booties lined minimally in shearling and sneaker boots in tones of black, folkstone grey, chalk and brown.
Okay, so Slazenger polo shirts and laceless Lonsdale trainers might not be everyone's giant novelty mug of tea but Ashley's firm has always been more Buroo-lander than Zoolander.
Like most Hollywood hyphenates his age, MacFarlane's standard workday uniform is jeans, T-shirt, sneakers (laceless Chuck Taylors) and a baseball cap.
The image is of Josef Riegler with hands tied behind his back, a strap holding his legs together just above his laceless boots, his defiant face looking into the distance as he stands at rigid attention.