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1) Among these images of young, attenuated, passive women, Carter includes some imaginary symbolist paintings, such as Moreau's "famous Sacrificial Victim with the imprint of the lacelike chains on hr pellucid skin" and "Two or three late Gauguins, his special favourite the one of the tranced brown girl in the deserted house" (20).
the gate of solid beams in place of the lacelike iron grilling and they passing on .
Studies have since shown that a significant amount of the Amazon drains to the Para through the lacelike waterways known as furos, some almost 400 feet deep and one-half mile in width.
A lacelike wall covering frames the feather's hypnotic beauty and Tiffany's diamond and platinum jewels inspired by the Art Deco period.
While Cobonpue kept the original interwoven metal-and-bamboo, lacelike installation at Malice, he also made quite a few changes, like adding a new bar and taking out a good number of the chairs since bar-goers like to enjoy their drinks while standing.
Figure 1, A through D, shows the typical lacelike pattern of lung parenchyma formed by the alveoli, along with the surrounding pleura.
Caption(s): Mills, such as Al Karam, are printing lacelike features on bed linens, instead of applying the actual material, to prevent their products from being subjected to higher duties.
Approaching a crossroads, we look for a ten o'clock turnoff that would take us to the shooting range, where abandoned washing machines have been turned by high-caliber rifles to lacelike sculptures, but after a half hour of searching, our internal compasses begin to swing wildly, so we head back to downtown Twentynine Palms.
With a lacelike border in light purple, they are really lovely.
Lacelike osteoid production, as seen in conventional osteosarcoma, is usually evident.
Their flanges and aprons are characterized by asymmetric, spiky-leaf cutwork outlines, and flat, lacelike piercework (calado) and shallow carving.