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12 In a prospective cohort observational study of NCAA division I players, Laprade and colleagues found a significant decrease in facial lacerations with use of full facial protection, compared to a historical cohort without a face mask.
Sphincter laceration was defined as a clinically recognizable third or fourth degree laceration.
However, the researchers noted that they were surprised to find that operative delivery, using either forceps or vacuum, did not appear to be a risk factor for cervical laceration in the study population.
Study participants were patients with simple linear laceration presenting to a university emergency department (ED).
Inside her mouth in the gap between the upper gum and upper lip was a small laceration.
Journal of Medicine (April 25, 2002) published a letter describing a diabetic German man who was treated for a minor laceration and dislocation of the right thumb after a bicycle accident.
There are no data supporting the use of prophylactic antibiotic treatment before or after laceration repair, but because of the 25% infection rate associated with the secondary repair, Dr.
Conversely, scalp lacerations and contusions were significantly more prevalent in patients found not to have facial fractures than in patients who did.
Having an episiotomy was associated with a threefold increased risk of third or fourth-degree laceration, but the confidence interval ranged from no increased risk to a sixfold increased risk.
The claim states that deputies shot Moreno three times with a stun gun and fired pepper balls at him before tying his wrists and ankles and ``either deliberately or accidentally dropped decedent, allowing his head to hit a bunk bed, causing a head laceration.
The rate of anal sphincter laceration was 15% with forceps delivery, 21% with forceps and episiotomy, 9% with vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery, and 16% when vacuum was used with episiotomy.