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At Allders there is a range of lacework garments which complements the beaded look of the season.
Most collections feature it in some guise, with fabrications including broderie, brocade, pretty lacework, pleat, transparency and chiffon.
Ballgown dresses from the a/ w 2013 collection were on display with intricate lacework, floral embroidery and yards of rich fabric being the highlights of the collection.
Nicholas was talented and had artistic ability and made needlepoint work, lacework and many other handmade items.
Black, white, pearls, feathers and spidery lacework side by side with leather and breathtaking cuts made up the incredibly sexy, contemporary third scene.
Amid an intricate lacework of tubes and wires, sunlight seeps into the picture in two places, and you find you are looking out of the engine's exhaust.
Rose Point by Wallace was introduced in 1934 with needlepoint and lacework designs.
Lacework over the bust and down the arms adds interesting details to this bold dress.
A new exhibition of embroidery, lacework and jewellery will also be on display at the council-owned property at the weekend.
Her collection of porcelain paperclay (mixed with cellulose fibre to obtain maximum resilience during the working phases), is almost immaterial; impalpable threads, pure white filigree lacework.
Hewn from a single piece of ivory, its maker had somehow - and obviously without modern technology - trimmed away so that 21 lacework balls nestle inside one another.
Ascot Under the grandstand, a lacework of corridors leads to the main kitchen where head chef Steve Goulding is displaying none of the diva-like tendencies associated with celebrity chefs while getting through 50 times as much work.