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The nation from Karachi to Khyber these days is lachrymose and grieving.
The playing of soloist Zoe Beyers, the CBSO's associate leader, really touched the heart - full toned, passionately projected but never lachrymose - and dazzlingly quick in the perpetual-motion finale.
By all accounts, Nelson's funeral was a lachrymose affair; and young men wearing black armbands wept for Byron.
The older, lachrymose reading of Jewish history tends to treat conversion as a product of state compulsion (military conscription, state-sponsored missionary schemes) and Jewish desperation (poverty, discrimination, anti-Jewish violence).
This is neither the time to celebrate nor to wax lachrymose.
After several months, the men have to be replaced with a fresh batch because the solitude and desolation during the monsoon months turn some soldiers into overnight poets and they are moved to write lachrymose verses on walls and bathrooms.
It is a superb novel, touching and emotional without ever becoming lachrymose.
Now she is all over the air lanes, lachrymose, begging for comprehension.
Buckley, proud and lachrymose, was so emotional during the immediate post-race period that he could not speak when a TV microphone was shoved in front of him.
As if it were necessary given the lachrymose interpretation of Jewish history, the Holocaust imparted a "catastrophe perspective" (later called a "paranoic streak") that continues to instill a sense of urgency about Jewish survival.
The legendarily lachrymose actor and director immediately burst into tears.
Hollywood decreed that only one performer could kick off the "talkies," so Al Jolson, the world's greatest entertainer, was The Singing Fool, making the Queen's echo to the sound of stifled sobs with the most lachrymose of all his offerings, Sonny Boy.