lack information

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5 million had been paid out to claimants but many Kenyans lack information about the monies surrendered by individual companies as unclaimed salaries and wages, royalties, unclaimed client moneys and loan credits.
Even after launching the system, some doctors still lack information on what to expect.
What is surprising is that Gen Y who grew up in the information age, lack information and the widely perceived as level-headed baby boomers preferred the quick fix to a healthier option.
Even if attendees lack information about the atrocities of World War II, or even about who Frank was, the museum at the famous diarist's home is doing something right: avoiding what Yale University historian Timothy Snyder calls "memorial culture"a way of commemorating the Holocaust that privileges the act of remembrance itself over the specificity of historical details.
SMEs in China lack information on the Philippine rules and regulations for investing, and for Philippine enterprises, it's vice versa.
Today, farmers lack information about disease threats, as there is no way to carry out early diagnosis of the potential diseases that already exist in the soil and surrounding environment.
There are a lot of opportunities in the stock market that our countrymen are missing out on only because they have wrong perceptions or they lack information on how to invest in the stock market.
As a result, the IRS may lack information about the entity.
And some images lack information about their basic identity.
A study has shown that at health care provider level, doctors often lack information due to lack of time.
Migrants often lack information about safe migration and rights at work, and have limited access to support services.
Another 1,016 claims lack information, while 1,143 more are being reviewed.