lack of ability

See: inability
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Froch said: "My experience at the top level, my punching power and George's lack of ability to take a punch is going to be the reason why he's going to come to the ring and run for his life and he's not going to stand and fight.
A lack of ability comes from a cat's inflexibility to bend around and be able to groom themselves and this is due to conditions such as spinal arthritis.
Sir Jackie, who suffers from the learning disability, said: "I received letters from inmates concerned about their lack of ability to read and write.
I work in the environmental education field and am alarmed by how many folks think this may be an option to reduce carbon dioxide without understanding the dangers and lack of ability to dispose of the current waste.
RUTH Kelly was useless as Education Minister and, once again, she has shown her lack of ability in her handling of HIPs.
Blame it on the lack of ability to handle low-range mode, which is a requirement for any true off-roader.
However, with Cov's total lack of ability to stop a rolling maul it quickly became a matter of how much and when.
Boys are more likely than girls to attribute failure to bad luck or other external factors rather than their own lack of ability, and boys" self-worth is more resilient in contexts that emphasise competitive behaviours where boys are more likely to maintain academic motivation and to attribute their successes to internal factors like ability and effort (Eccles, Alder, & Meece, 1984).
This is not done with malice; it is done simply out of lack of knowledge, or a lack of ability to predict how a building will function.
What is missing for those with less jazz background comes not from Jazz Chord Hanon itself, but from a lack of ability to apply its voicings in actual pieces.
Services are being reduced, programs are being eliminated and the lack of ability to fund and staff the CBA is interfering with the board's mission.
Pompey claim this is due to injuries rather than a lack of ability and are set to appeal.