lack of ability

See: inability
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In a statement on Wednesday, the advisor said that statement of Governor Sindh was unsuccessful attempt to divert attention of masses from the lack of ability and failed policies of federal government.
He said: "Our position is not down to any lack of ability.
Frankly speaking, this is not a conspiracy hatched by our enemies, but our own incompetence and the lack of ability that pushes us way behind the international community.
These differences have led to a lack of ability to manage Al Salam bank Algeria in normal conditions, which required the intervention of the Regulators to preserve the rights of the shareholders of Al Salam Bank Algeria.
Froch said: "My experience at the top level, my punching power and George's lack of ability to take a punch is going to be the reason why he's going to come to the ring and run for his life and he's not going to stand and fight."
A lack of ability comes from a cat's inflexibility to bend around and be able to groom themselves and this is due to conditions such as spinal arthritis.
The goal of this project is to realize an exoskeletal robot that improves the balance performance of humans, targeted at users facing balance-challenging conditions or suffering from a lack of ability to walk or maintain balance during walking.
A lack of ability to complete sufficient volumes of refinancing on an ongoing basis resulting in an increase in the length of its debt maturity structure could lead to the downgrading.
"Most lost foam casting failures were due to a lack of venture capital, foam molding and casting knowledge and the lack of ability from those of us in this industry to accurately and completely present this to new and existing customers."--Ron Watkins, ACH Foam Technologies
A lack of ability has brought about this sad situation.
'If attacked by American troops, stand in front of the nearest barn door.' An apology afterwards doesn't appease, nor does it excuse 'accidental murder due to lack of ability.' JOHN LANGFORD Huddersfield
Sir Jackie, who suffers from the learning disability, said: "I received letters from inmates concerned about their lack of ability to read and write.