lack of activity

See: inertia
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It's either due to the lack of activity in social media or a community that's too small to support the fledgling cryptocurrencies.
Dealers said the closure of Malaysian palm oil futures for the Hindu festival of Diwali contributed to the lack of activity in Europe.
Statistical data points at the lack of activity in the public and private sector.
The gadget - a wristband that tracks fitness - showed a high heartbeat despite a lack of activity and they thought it could be faulty.
Last week's trading at the national bourse was largely bearish due to shareholders' lack of activity, said Al-Oula Financial Brokerage Company, in a report released on Saturday.
Researchers give a number of reasons for obesity, including a poor lifestyle, long working hours and lack of activity.
Manager Roberto Martinez is keen to sign a number 10 and a centre-back but supporters are growing increasingly discontented with the lack of activity.
Some even joked about the lack of activity in the ring, suggesting Pacquiao's other job as a politician was why not much got done.
I complained to the Commission for Parliamentary Standards for MPs regarding his complete lack of activity.
The reasons why any individual who is despairing tips over into a suicide are very diverse, but if you put together the lack of staffing levels, the overcrowding, the lack of activity, then I don't think it is credible to deny that those are contributory factors," he said.
The Prime Minister expressed concern about the increasing tax debt balances, failure of budget expenditure, delays in salary payments in a number of state institutions, lack of activity of small and large industrial enterprises, and instructed the relevant bodies to eliminate defects in the work.
Unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, lack of activity, frequent high fat, or high sodium foods all contribute to the increasing incidence.