lack of activity

See: inertia
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But City could try to do a deal as they react to Mancini's stinging criticism about a lack of activity in the transfer market this summer.
However, Dudek believes his lack of activity this season will be a bonus for Poland and reckons he will be in better shape than Boruc.
Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has defended his relegated club's lack of activity during the January transfer window.
And RICS spokesman Jim Sammon revealed a lack of activity has led to several firms broadening their horizons.
Despite a lack of activity in recent days,Davis is confident he will still be moving to the Premiership new boys.
The potential of the brothers has never been in doubt but they have suffered from a chronic lack of activity as they have had legal wrangles with two previous pro managers.
"I can only hope tomorrow that he's a little bit rusty through lack of activity in terms of games.
A study claims lack of activity in the bedroom means men often vent their anger on work colleagues.
Davies spoke out in frustration after the club failed to sign any of his targets in the window - bemoaning Forest's football consultant Pleat for the lack of activity.
The man who hit Celtic's European Cup Final winner is not worried either about the club's lack of activity in the transfer market.
ASTON VILLA'S lack of activity during the transfer window wasn't for lack of trying.
Bearing in mind that there is more possibility of death by boredom and lack of activity than by injury or exhaustion, why in heaven's name are firefighters demanding stand-down time on shift when the great majority of their time is spent sitting in the station already on stand-down?