lack of agreement

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Compensations at Khahare bazaar of Dhading and Aarughat and Aarkhet bazaar of Gorkha have not been determined yet in lack of agreement over the compensation amount between the locals and government.
Rhode Island manufacturers are struggling with uncertainty created by the lack of agreement on NAFTA and the tariff war with China, said Dave Chenevert, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Manufacturers Association.
He added that "there are many reasons for the continuation of those differences, including the lack of agreement of the political blocs and not to resolve the selection of candidates for empty ministries," noting that "the four ministries are still vacant all, and there is controversy and disagreement about the nomination of candidates without exception." The House of Representatives voted in the last week of last year to grant confidence to the candidates of the education portfolio, who was dismissed at the beginning of January, and the portfolio of the displaced and migration, and they house did not agree to the nomination of Faisal al-Jarba to the Ministry of Defense./ End
Ahmed al-Awthan, who graduated recently from the Master of Arts in Translation Studies programme at CHSS, was honoured for his paper that examined unique aspects of transliteration, and how the can be appealing when translating words from English to Arabic because of the lack of agreement between translators on specific Arabic phrases to be used.
The truth is much of the fault lies with a singular lack of agreement and a single voice.
Therefore, there is a lack of agreement regarding the nature of the linguistic phenomenon as well as which verbs exhibit the phenomenon.
The Palace on Thursday warned that the bid of lawmakers seeking reelection in the May midterm elections may be affected should the government end up operating on a reenacted national budget because of the lack of agreement in Congress over the proposed 2019 national budget.
Oil traders are interested in import of fuel from Kazakhstan, however the lack of agreement on duty free deliveries hinders, the statement said.
News that China plans to buy substantially more American agricultural and energy goods failed to lift concerns over the lack of agreement, although President Trump and the China delegation said progress has been made.
(TAP) - The Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) expressed regret for the lack of agreement between the government and the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), to avoid the general strike of civil and public servants observed Thursday, January 17.
Tele Liban offers its apologies for not being able to air the Asian Cup matches in full because of lack of agreement with the broadcasting company which requested large sums of money.
"The economic situation is difficult," he said, adding, "there are many solutions, many projects and many reforms can also be made." The process of forming the new Lebanese government is facing difficulties to complete, despite the seven months on the assignment of Al-Hariri because of the lack of agreement by a number of political parties to the reluctance of representation in the government.