lack of agreement

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The current lack of agreement on what constitutes anaphylaxis has resulted in misdiagnosis, inconsistent treatment and lack of education of affected patients.
Sources in Poland said the lack of agreement on the debts could delay, or even scupper, MG Rover's takeover plans.
The summit text so far contains no meaningful agreement to conserve the natural sources of water for people and nature and we are particularly alarmed at the lack of agreement to share the vulnerable international rivers co-operatively, equitably and sustainably.
Factors that could cause results to differ from those anticipated include the lack of agreement on definitive documentation for the sale of notes and the inability to proceed with the Bogoso sulfide expansion project due to technical or permitting reasons.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "The Kurdistan Alliance has demands, related to the province's share of the budget and the amounts to be paid to international companies producing oil in the region, which is estimated at more than 4 billion dollars and others, which the Financial Committee considers that as the reason for the lack of agreement for approval.
The first two weeks of the inquiry have been remarkable for the lack of agreement among witnesses, particularly those from No.
Remarks by Birmingham's coroner, opposing suggestions made by senior police officers, demonstrate the lack of agreement on drug policy among professionals.
This includes widespread lack of agreement over everything from basic issues such as airport security, to more startling ones, like the use of nuclear weapons.
Conversely, HR executives cite three main barriers to creating a fast and agile environment within their organizations, including lack of agreement on what to do, lack of necessary technology and lack of necessary funding.
Green activists are angry at the lack of agreement, singling out George Bush, who refuses to join the summit.
The lack of agreement between captains Michael Powell and Tim Munton became clear by early afternoon when Warwickshire's bowlers and fielders totally released the pressure on the batsmen, but Powell kept sweepers back to ensure the run-rate did not climb too high.