lack of appreciation

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She tries to prove her own value despite the lack of appreciation and love from her mother and family.
Inexperience, bravado, access to cars too powerful to be in the hands of a novice and a lack of appreciation of the potential consequences of a crash all play a part.
'That is the level of lack of appreciation of the role of the legislature in our democracy, so we will continue to battle with it until such a time our democratic experience attains a cruising altitude before people come to appreciate the role of the Legislature,' the Chief Whip noted.
Which , he said , was unacceptable , contained violation and lack of appreciation to the parties , saying not direct contacts with forces of freedom and change except through mediators
Mr Dankor pointed out that there was lack of appreciation and understanding for the tourism industry saying other countries especially the Asian and European countries had made the tourism industry a priority hence they received more arrivals of tourists.
"The fatal assaults appear to be the result of his uncontrolled rage and a complete lack of appreciation for the vulnerability of the child,"
For a company considered to be the 'jewel' in the power industry, being the only transmission utility in the Philippines with a national franchise, and which has a crucial role in the efficient delivery of electricity all over the country, such response shows a dire lack of appreciation of its sole responsibility to ensure the security of electricity supply, including guarding against shortages in case of unexpected plant outages, such as the one we're facing this summer.
It's a lack of appreciation and recognition from their bosses, everybody needs to feel significant and to be recognized for what he/she achieved.
There is usually a shocking lack of appreciation of local materials.
Coseteng, Philippine Induction Smelting Industry Association (PISIA) spokesperson, said there was a lack of appreciation of the IFST, which she described as a more advanced technology than the electric arc furnace developed some 150 years ago.
Unfortunately, there's a lack of appreciation amongst many drivers when it comes to how important it is to provide accurate mileage figures and how big an impact it can have on their premiums.
Ms McDonald told Sky News yesterday: "I think [Tory] statements make very clear their utter indifference to Ireland, their entire lack of appreciation of what happened on this island and their role in it, their utter ignorance in terms of the peace process.