lack of appreciation

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Considering the American lack of appreciation, Islamabad moving closer towards China and russia is the right move to make.
Yet Mourinho has been surprised by the lack of appreciation for a player the United boss believes deserves international recognition.
There appears to be a lack of appreciation in terms of this new technology, which is the IFST.
The policy notes that the argument that ASALs main livelihood strategy, mobile pastoralism, was 'irrational and environmentally destructive, and that the ASALs contributed little to the national economy was not based on sound socioeconomic analysis but stems from a lack of appreciation of the region's potential and a lack of understanding of its production systems'.
Frankly the sheer disconnect we have with our food, such as our lack of appreciation for it, having no idea where it comes from and what it took to get to our plate should bother Christians.
IT WAS disappointing to read of the apparent lack of appreciation in some quarters of Bill Farnsworth's efforts over the years at Musselburgh.
Their lack of appreciation of the context and local reality show a deep insensitivity to other cultures,' Abella said.
And he claimed that 48 per cent of failed couples said their relationship broke down because of lack of appreciation.
This lack of appreciation runs across other parties, as the Lib Dems have also shown recently by calling for smaller class sizes.
But according to Solidum, disasters are manmade, as it is a product of lack of preparation or lack of appreciation of the hazard that is about to happen.
All's well Bassi, however, rejected Jain's contention, saying the police takes any crime incident as a challenge and that there was a lack of appreciation of the nuances of law.
The three-storey modern facade showed a complete lack of appreciation of the aesthetic of the local area and created real concerns in terms of the impact on residences in neighbouring streets.