lack of attention

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According to police, the accident occurred due to tailgating and a lack of attention on the road while driving.
He added apart from these, other causes of fatal accidents include tailgating and lack of attention given to road users.
The Chief Justice, on November 27, had taken notice of the deaths of children caused by pneumonia and diarrhoea in the country due to lack of attention by government officials on an application of Sheraz Mehmood Quershi, resident of Mansahra, enclosed with two columns of an Urdu daily.
In his speech last night at inauguration of "Constantine the Capital of Arab Culture2015", Al-Araby stressed the need for thorough, persistent Arab cultural cooperation on various issues in view of numerous root causes of crises we see around us nowadays, alluding to the unprecedented wave of radicalism and extremism in many countries and the lack of attention to culture in its full contemporary meaning.
Haji Asadullah, resident of Giro district told Pajhwok Afghan News that lack of security, joblessness and lack of attention of officials to education were the key problems in the district.
Since it has been well established that sexuality and intimacy continue to be important in later life and are central to an individual's health and wellbeing, the lack of attention paid by aged care facilities to residents' sexual needs is concerning," they write.
This is not so much a sign of development as clear evidence of a distinct lack of attention given to the conditions of under-represented workers, toiling in the mining industry, that your article highlighted.
The most critical gap is the lack of attention in ELS studies and classrooms to metacognitive strategy instruction.
Wear components, such as conveyor belts, baler platen wear strips and gib bars and fork truck and bale clamp lubrication are common points of long-term shutdown because of the lack of attention they generally receive, he adds.
But on Monday, community leaders called on the PACB to comb through what they called 'flawed' details of the plan, including lack of attention paid to an environmental impact statement and undisclosed finances, before voting.
At first glance, we're concerned about the lack of attention to independence and diversity,'' Perata said.
This book does much to redress the lack of attention given to Gunnar Asplund who, following his death in 1940, was described by Alvar Aalto as 'the greatest among architects'.