lack of attention

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The blame for the lack of attention towards me has to go to the selectors and the main PCB officials.
As soon as the starter'sbeen served, Gary the foodie is quick to pick holes in Mark's lack of attention to detail.
MOST firms fail to hire the right candidate for the job - because of a "shocking" lack of attention to recruitment, it was claimed today.
Dad Graham Jennings said: "The family appreciates all the care given to Martin at Heartlands over the years, but it all came to nothing because of a lack of attention over what he was eating.
This strange lack of attention to the basic details of the story and its relationships certainly doesn't put you in the middle of Howard's late-life crisis.
The tubewell was installed due to hectic efforts of the residents of Street No 1 in the colony, but it is not working since long due to lack of attention by public health department.
The police said the two cars collided because of speeding by the drivers and lack of attention.
In all probability, residents perceive this lack of attention because they do not actually see an officer on duty in the area.
While management blamed the customer losses on the lack of attention given to key clients and it was going to change, we remain concerned that this may be the start of a trend.
Esposito deplores the lack of attention by the American media to the fact that most "fundamentalists" are young, ambitious, upwardly mobile immigrants to the larger cities of the Islamic world who have capped a traditional upbringing in their native villages with university training in such "modern" fields as medicine, science or engineering.
Now, of course, there's a good reason for the relative dryness of the left, its lack of attention to drama and emotional appeal: Too much drama and emotion and you get something more like a cult than a democratic political movement.
Unlike the latter feat, however, the leap to word learning depends on a lack of attention to detail, according to a new study of babies' linguistic capabilities.