lack of awareness

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A lack of awareness of the needs of these vulnerable children is playing into the hands of perpetrators.
Director Jim French, who is also national chairman of the Road Haulage Association, said: "I've talked to young people of school leaving age and there's a definite lack of awareness of what the logistics industry is about.
Lack of awareness of regulations, as well as the absence of a culture of rights and duties in the Kingdom, require public awareness campaigns which will spread knowledge of legal rights among all segments of society.
ISLAMABAD -- Trend of using contact lenses for cosmetic reasons is on rise among young girls and boys, while the percentage of contact lens related disease among them is also rising at an alarming level because of the lack of awareness about appropriate handling, cleaning and disinfection techniques.
Lack of awareness of symptoms other than a lump is believed to be one of the reasons, which the campaign aims to change.
Lack of awareness of the wider societal and business impact that research and innovation results on health, ageing and inclusion can bring to local and regional communities
KABUL (PAN): Many Afghans have been suffering from mental health problems, but most of such cases go unreported due to lack of awareness about the illness, the Ministry of Public Health said on Friday, adding its efforts to increase awareness about mental health are underway.
There is a 'depressing' lack of awareness about the Mental Capacity Act (MCA), according to the Law Society of England and Wales.
AFTER reading Maureen Messent's column 'No mercy for the fanatics of all colours' in the Mail on May 31, I feel it is time to correct Maureen on her own prejudiced views and her lack of awareness on the history of Birmingham.
Many people in the early stages of the illness are thought to be suffering from depression or even an illness like schizophrenia because there is a lack of awareness of the symptoms.
Dr Abdelrazzak Al Madani, CEO of Dubai Hospital, thanked the participants for their support and said: "When it comes to breast cancer, the fight against the community's lack of awareness is ongoing.
The aim is to demonstrate a global lack of awareness of Hepatitis.