lack of certainty

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He said nowadays everyone want to go away for the lack of certainty in their current position.
It is utterly unacceptable to put patient safety at risk because of lack of certainty about medicine regulation post-Brexit.
Mr Roberts said the FUW welcomed Mr Gove's assurance that devolved powers would not be diluted, and that UK Governments were working together on common frameworks, but highlighted the degree to which planning in Wales by both farmers and government was hampered by a lack of certainty.
Parly pointed to French President Emmanuel Macron's position that any use of chemical weapons in Syria is a "red line" for Paris and noted that due "to the lack of certainty on what happened in Syria," France is currently not able to say whether that red line has been crossed.
I still think people will come to work in this country's universities and hospitals in the long term because they're fantastic but there's going to be a difficult period in the short term because of the lack of certainty.
Given the catastrophic example of Catalonia, the lack of certainty it would create does not appeal to most voters.
With only 17 months before Britain leaves, the lack of progress in the talks have prompted companies to get ready not only for London leaving without a deal but also for a prolonged lack of certainty which makes investment decisions difficult.
Barclays is set to expand operations in Dublin as part of Brexit contingency plans amid a lack of certainty over future trading arrangements in London.
However, the Individual market remains volatile and the lack of certainty of funding for cost sharing reduction subsidies, the restoration of taxes on fully insured coverage and, an increasing lack of overall predictability simply does not provide a sustainable path forward to provide affordable plan choices for consumers.
Lack of certainty swirled around Trump's view of US-Iraq ties.
Secondly, a number of deals related to parts of the property had been sealed prior to the transaction done by Penev, despite the lack of certainty on the ownership.