lack of competence

See: inability
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But, more importantly, it shows the lack of competence of the NHS.
I believe this crisis in lack of competence in elementary mathematics skills in our current high school population may even constitute an urgent national situation of great seriousness since we need many engineers, physicists, chemists and mathematicians as well as other technical personnel to run our great country.
In many areas there is a lack of competence and accreditation.
The drafting of a supplementary finance law reflects the lack of competence and an inability to manage the country, according to MP Mongi Rahoui (Popular Front).
Clarke said the lack of trust was brought about partly by the FA's large and complex remit and by the public's perception of a lack of competence within its ranks.
A panel heard that Mrs McConnell, who was not present at the hearing but represented by Andrea Cook, was originally suspended for 12 months on the grounds of a lack of competence while employed at Glangwili Hospital.
Firing somebody for a lack of competence is understandable, common practice, even.
In the end, this divisive attitude and lack of competence will prove to be the most damaging direction for The Filipino Nation.
Key to the argument of Hicks and White is the closing sentence of the first chapter: "Overall, decentralization has proved at least as successful (or unsuccessful, depending on one's degree of pessimism) as the GN as whole and that lack of competence, vision, and leadership among Nunavut's political and bureaucratic elite has far more to do with the GN's problems than does decentralization" (23).
Unfortunately, the presence of a person who is the manufacturer of both the al-Qaeda and the Taliban and has played a highly disgraceful role in the Saudi regime's past actions in the region (Turki al-Faisal) has drawn so much attention from the media which shows his lack of competence and wisdom as he has tied his future to the terrorists like what Saddam Hussein did," he added.
The root cause of the manipulation of process, I believe, is the lack of competence of the people involved, coupled with everything being judged on today's costs.