lack of complaint

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Ref Greg Aitken had no hesitation in pointing to the spot and booking the Saints defender, whose lack of complaint told its own story.
The lack of complaint by motorists is not a justification for such scheme as adopted by the insurance companies as the motorists do not have the technical know-how of complex auto repair and further the quality of work not being external cannot be judged by such a motorist with no technical know-how of what comprises quality and thus putting the motorists in a weak bargaining position.He says that some insurance companies have also opened assessment yards where repairers are sent to assess damage and give quotations for repairs and the job given to the lowest bidder.
Wasps are prepared for "all possibilities" as they await the fans' reaction, noting the outrage on Twitter, internet forums and blogs has been offset by the lack of complaint made directly to the club.
People had complained about a lack of complaint farms, counting of votes before official announcement and interference by government officers, he said.
Although the OFT thinks it is getting significant movement in the fixture list through competition between courses, it is interesting to note the puzzling lack of complaint from the smaller Flat ones.
This lack of complaint may of course be in part due to the impression I give that I simply will not be persuaded to alter grades "on the spot" after an exam.
The lack of complaint allied with the refusal by Channel 4 and show makers Endemol to hand over the unseen footage left officers banging their heads against a wall.
Presumably, lack of complaint encourages their persistence with this stuff.
One lingerie company even used this lack of complaint to justify further offensive adverts claiming that only 10 people complained about their previous sexually provocative advert and they were all women!
In addition, 24.2% answered that the lack of complaints is due to negligence of the professionals.
The defendants also disputed that plaintiff ever suffered any brain injury given the lack of complaints in the initial emergency room records about symptoms that would suggestive of such an injury, though a witness testified that the plaintiff did appear dazed after the collision.
"Edgbaston councillor Deirdre Alden described in a more accurate way how a vigil is run and also spoke of the lack of complaints she has received from residents in her 18 years as a councillor.