lack of comprehension

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And now she's aware that the lack of comprehension suits her.
Natasha repeated with a smile of pity at her friend's lack of comprehension.
Guardiola accepted that Glenn had apologised, but suggested that his comments show a lack of comprehension.
The first is that doctors are retiring or moving away because of the mounting workload, the second reason is that the support offered by local health boards varies across Wales, and the third reason is the total lack of comprehension by AMs of the need for a dedicated and qualified person to be in control of the health brief.
Partly due to the lack of comprehension of the full potential of disruptive changes and partly due lack of alignment between industry priorities and academic focus, we are behind in realising the potential.
In these moments, all he has is language, and his absolute ineptitude and possibly even lack of comprehension is enormously obvious.
The fact that this question has to be posed and answered is a sad reflection on our policymakers' priorities and a lack of comprehension, she added.
Summary: According to a report, the patient suffers from emotional problems, loss of vision, lack of comprehension and speech problems.
Their panic is evident from the reviews already published, reviews which betray an almost total lack of comprehension of the book and, further, the fear it has inspired among the timid of nerve.
Responding to a question about a lack of affordable social housing, he said (out loud): "There just seems to be a total lack of comprehension on this panel and, indeed, amongst this audience, which is a remarkable audience even by the left-wing standards of the BBC.
8220;My enquiries to selected Notified Bodies have revealed non-uniformity in the expectation of unannounced visits, fuelled partly by a lack of comprehension of the Recommendation.
The lack of comprehension of the words 'telemedicine', 'video conference', 'Internet' and 'email' by patients is a problem, as using ICT to transmit health information does carry an element of risk.