lack of concern

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The main obstacles to businesses becoming energy efficient are working from leased or rented premises, lack of concern around energy costs and lack of capital for energy efficiency investment, the FSB has found.
MP Tana charged the minister also with lack of concern about the cooperative societies, while saying that she played fast and loose with employment standards at some of these coops, such as the ones in Dasma and Benaid Al-Qar.
I AM sure that few residents of Carr Top Lane in Golcar will share Clr Jean Calvert's lack of concern when she says that the lane is two car width and so no problem for access to the proposed new housing development.
I'm absolutely disgusted by the complete lack of concern for us.
Mary Erskine was left devastated by the incident involving her little Westie Jack - who had to have a leg amputated - and condemned the campaigner's lack of concern.
This is the best idea I've heard in ages and its success shows the public's lack of concern for the scam that is sell-by dates.
He said Iran's border was not under the threat of the ISIL, and added, "This lack of concern doesn't mean a lack of vigilance as the current conditions necessitate us to be precise and vigilant.
They have since been further antagonised by what they called an apparent lack of concern for student wellbeing from university officials.
Flanked by the provincial counternarcotics head, the governor's spokesman, Omar Zwak, told a press conference in Lashkargah that the problems hindering efforts at continuing the anti-poppy drive had been the election process, a lack of concern on the part of the ministry concerned and heavy rains.
Their bungling inefficiency is only matched by their lack of concern for public safety.
Can I, as a resident of Liverpool for over 68 years, register my total disgust at the contempt of the City planning department, and the lack of concern they have for local opinion.
It amazes me that there is such a lack of concern over the origin of the products we buy.