lack of concern

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In case he/she wasn't aware of it, they tend to vomit and urinate in the street, leave their litter anywhere, park their cars without any regard to anyone else, have no manners, spit, shout and swear and cause mayhem with loud noise, street brawls and parties with a total lack of concern to anyone else around them.
Theresa May's "nothing is perfect" dismissal of a mounting crisis shows an arrogant lack of concern from a Prime Minister refusing to face up to her responsibility.
CARWYN Jones seems very concerned about a supposed Westminster power grab, in contrast to his lack of concern about the EU power grabs in past years and those they intend in the future.
An official of the district government said due to lack of concern by provincial and district governments, the disease of leishmaniasis was posing high threats from last three years, adding dengue was also being reported from the parts of districts.
Their obvious lack of concern can but suggest that they regard sacrifices made by troops from the Welsh Uplands as being somehow less significant than those from other parts of the country.
Science, technology and mass media cause and aggravate the breakdown resulting in individualism, materialistic ambition, and lack of concern for others, which in turn motivates drug dealing and all sorts of theft, fraud and corruption.
RAWALPINDI -- Eleven members of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCC) have signed the agreement to launch a non-confidence campaign against vice president of RCC Raja Jahandad due to his lack of concern over the surfacing issues of the department.
Amiri said Iran's border was not under the threat of the ISIL, and added, "This lack of concern doesn't mean a lack of vigilance as the current conditions necessitate us to be precise and vigilant.
Serious lack of concern and joined up thinking by both councils Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland have led to the impasse.
MP Tana charged the minister also with lack of concern about the cooperative societies, while saying that she played fast and loose with employment standards at some of these coops, such as the ones in Dasma and Benaid Al-Qar.
I AM sure that few residents of Carr Top Lane in Golcar will share Clr Jean Calvert's lack of concern when she says that the lane is two car width and so no problem for access to the proposed new housing development.
Mary Erskine was left devastated by the incident involving her little Westie Jack - who had to have a leg amputated - and condemned the campaigner's lack of concern.